embrace the difference   

Tim Jr. asks a very simple question: What makes you different? As he expands on his philosophy of embracing those quirks and things that set you apart, you can't help but feel optimistic. Tim Jr. seeks out ways to bring joy and enthusiasm to those he interacts with so it is no surprise that his talks are vibrant and uplifting.  Using anecdotes from The Amazing Race Canada as well as everyday stories from his life, he will keep you smiling and thinking long after you've left his talk. His authenticity shines through in a way that connects with audiences and challenges them to adopt a passion for the unconventional.

Tim Jr's Services

   YOuth & Schools       

Tim Jr's message is designed to help youth recognize their value while encouraging them to see the best in others. His passion for youth coupled with his exuberant style helps him connect with all ages. 

Tim incorporates various forms of engagement into his talks but what he truly loves doing is interacting directly with those he is speaking to. From video's of The Amazing Race Canada, to working with schools to create a lasting impact , Tim Jr. will not just inspire your kids, he will challenge them to inspire themselves. 

Corporate & Keynotes

Tim Jr. will challenge your group to engage in their work place and communities in a whole new way. Embracing The Difference is a challenge to do things differently. A self proclaimed prototypical millennial, Tim Jr. is well versed in the challenges and benefits of his generation. Tim Jr. brings a fresh take on the challenge of blending the newest generation of leaders with the established workforce.

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Parkinson's Advocacy

Tim Jr's father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2011.   Racing with his father on The Amazing Race Canada provided Tim Jr. with unique insight into both the challenges associated the disease as well as the many reasons for hope in the midst of the struggle.

Tim Jr. has seen first hand what it takes to have a positive outlook on life, despite a Parkinson's diagnosis. That is why he strives to encourage the friends and families of those living with Parkinson's to  band together and lift up those fighting this disease.